Expert Knowledge in Machinery

I work as an expert in the specialisation 390000 – Engineering. From 2011, I have  been registered in the List of Experts at the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, under the registration number 914716.

My expert knowledge can be applied in the following fields of industry:

  • 390200- Transport machinery and equipment
  • 390400- Machinery and equipment for general purpose
  • 390901- Appraisal of machinery value

As an expert, I can offer an expert judgement in machine parts and mechanisms of transport machines and equipment and of equipment for general use. I can offer my qualified appraisals of values and categories of machinery equipment when this is bought or sold.

I work for:

  • Public authorities
  • Legal persons
  • Physical persons

The purpose of expert opinions is mostly focused on the following:

  • Appraisal of general value of machinery
    • Sale and purchase of equipment
    • Civil proceedings (settlement of tenancy by the entirety, inheritance procedures…)
    • Pledge establishment (leasings…)
    • Execution (trial) proceedings
    • Appraisal of non-monetary investments in companies or of  parts of businesses
  • Appraisal of damage amount (when insurance events, criminal proceedings etc.)
  • Complaint procedures
  • Investigation of the status of equipment, damage, reasons for non-functioning, defects and breakdowns