The principal meaning of the English word „engineering“  is mechanical engineering. In the Slovak language, it specifically means advisory engineering services related to designing, constructing and completing of factory equipment etc.

Engineering is a service rendered at the start of your production activities. I offer advisory services, civil engineering and preparation of technical documentation. I have practical experience with rebuilding, modifying or relocation of production lines in the food industry. I have also worked on production line modification and adaptation projects for new products.

My services have been successfully used mainly in beverage and sweet confectionary industries. Within the project engineering I offer the following:

  • Providing of required permits for production equipment installation and production.
  • Engineering activities for rebuilding, modifications, adaptations and relocation of production equipment
  • I arrange mechanical, electrical and software works externally
  • When proposing required changes, I use the TPM and Lean Maufacturing methodologies, which are, if required, related to a safety risk analysis of modified machinery.